The distilled method, directly handed to you. 

Cultivated by top Reasoning in the Humanities and Social Sciences, a.k.a. 'Section 1' scorers in the digital GAMSAT. 

The ideas and techniques are presented as my own; refined through my preparation for the GAMSAT, by tutoring other students, and by learning from others who did it before (and after) me. I had only codified half of these tactics by the time of my sitting yet was still able to comprehensively complete Section 1 with 30 minutes to spare and scored at the '100th' percentile.

This course is designed to give you a boost, if your goal is to maximise your S1 score, use this as a launchpad.

You will find the FAQ and More lessons collection helpful in understanding the 'why' of Section 1 and these methods, and how you can personalise your strategy.

Let's get it.


Some recent feedback on what's inside:

"I went through it all today and it made me feel a lot more confident"

"i just finished your section 1 course and it’s an absolute game changer"

"I did a bunch of questions immediately after the workshop and I got 23 out of 24!"

"Hey thanks a lot, I did a session this afternoon and I've never gotten 100% before."
Wait so you got 100% this time?
"Yes. 100% 30 questions."

"I was worried it would take me time to adjust but it makes sense and feels natural"

"I thought I would run out of time because I always have to reread the stem - actually it got so much easier to see the false answers."

"This 'building' method is pretty cool, I was shocked at how well you remembered things but I'm getting it now. I read the question and I know where the evidence is."

One of my earliest students went from 60 to 74 after a single 1 on 1 session just 10 days before his GAMSAT. All he did was adjust his approach.

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  • The Simplest of Overviews [4 minutes]

  • Playing the Game - Outcome Independence [3 minutes]

  • A Day for Celebration [2 minutes]

  • Explicit, Implicit, Global Meaning [4 minutes]

  • Context is Key [2 minutes]

  • Visualisation and 'Germane Cognitive Load' [18 minutes]

  • Skip, Skip, Skip [8 minutes]

  • 'Non-Fiction' | Essays, Articles, Prose, etc. [24 minutes]

  • Evaluation Units | Specific to General [12 minutes]

  • 'Fiction' | Characters and Plots [8 minutes]

  • Poetry in The GAMSAT? [20 minutes]

  • Probabilistic, Higher Order, Critical Reading [20 minutes]

  • Diagrams | Directed by Visual Elements? [20 minutes]

  • Tables, Charts & Figures | The Issue of Assumptions [20 minutes]

  • Statements & Proverbs | Logic [9 minutes]

  • Cartoons | What's the Joke? [15 minutes]

  • Congratulations. Sleep well, Eat healthy, and go for a walk outside.

  • Headspace determines performance

  • Drills Under Pressure

  • How I Navigate the Platform

  • Knowledge is Speed

  • The 'More Correct' Answer Option

  • A Good Score

  • Vocabulary

  • From 60s to 70+

  • Clear out the Noise

  • The Priming Problem | Do Not "Read the Questions First"

  • Feel Good Do Good